A multifunction SEO plugin for agencies, that speeds up the process of onsite optimisation.

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What is it?

Little Hippo is a multi-function SEO plugin that allows you to fully optimise your WordPress site in the shortest amount of time. Features include the ability to:

  • View all meta issues on site via a dashboard on site
  • Bulk SEO title and Meta data completion
  • Set defaults for meta tiles and description on all pages
  • Bulk Image alt & text completion.
  • Quick copy meta information form post titles to image meta
  • Overview of your optimisation issues in a dashboard
  • Add Google Analytics via the unique UA code
  • Edit the Google bounce rate timeout for better bounce numbers
  • Set all out-bound links to no-follow
  • Manage Facebook OG tags and defaults
  • Bulk empty all trash on site
  • Turn almost all settings on or off incase of conflicts

We are rolling out more features soon.

Little Hippo is for WordPress

Who is it for?

Little Hippo has been developed with SEO agencies in mind, however, it is also ideal for any WordPress user who knows the importance of on-page optimisation, and has a large site to start working on.

This will always be a free plugin, we want to be able to give all agencies and wordpress users access to a great tool that will speed up their optimisation activities.

This plugin was built by people who have worked in SEO for a long time, so we know what a site needs to be up to Google best practices, and also, and we think most importantly, how the work flows.

The next version will have many more features for technical optimisation, as well as a full scanning suite installed, so you will not need a third party tool to analyse the site.

Lastly we will be including all the functions needed for speeding up the loading of your site.

Save time with little hippo

Why You Need it?

On-page optimisation can be a painstakingly long and on-going task. If you have just taken on a new client who has hundreds of pages on their website which have never been optimised, it could take you months to bring it in line with Google’s guidelines.

Little Hippo allows you to bulk optimise pages, completing the Meta data of pages and alt text of images, all in one place. In a nutshell, the Little Hippo makes on-page optimisation quick and simple.

Dashboard does not populate when site installed on Amazon ec2 servers.. (yeah.. no idea on that one)
All In One SEO plugin conflicts occur We recommend only using Hippo
Will show multiple meta issues for one page if multilanguage plugins create custom posts for languages.